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 Chunwei Pan is a Nuke compositor. He studied at the Academy of Art University and was able to work on several StudioX projects including The 24th, All the Old Belt, and Jack and Anna. He can communicate well with other people and always deliver on time.


Working with StudioX has provided opportunities to develop a strong skill set for problem-solving. These experiences have familiarized Chunwei with the crucial aspects of the complete project process, such as the implementation of director input, active communication of ideas, and effective team collaboration. Thus, he has been conditioned to increase his production efficiency and meet given timelines and other logistic expectations of his projects.


Chunwei takes a great passion for movie trailers and draws significant inspiration from these works.  This passion has become a driving force as he eagerly learns and adapts to new environments as a compositor.




Outstanding Independent Motion Picture Nominee

The 24th Image Awards (2021)


Best Film

Jack and Anna Global Short Film Awards Cannes (2020)


Academy of Art Spring Show 

Composting Runner Up (2022)




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